Energy drinks are equally popular amongst US military personnel as they are with civilians, however the US Army has issued a new report asking their servicemen to stop drinking them in excess. 

Although the Army’s warning is specific to troops currently serving, it is still apt for those of us who are not in the military, as these drinks many of us rely on to stay awake during the day are chalk full of caffeine and sugar.

Each energy drink typically contains 27 grams of sugar, which is actually 2 more grams than the daily recommended amount for women.

If you knock back two in one day, you’ve already had double your recommended daily sugar intake.

This can cause your blood sugar to increase and put you at risk for Type 2 diabetes.

But scientists say that the sugar-free versions don’t fair much better.

Artificial sweeteners have been tied to weight gain and other issues, so it is far better to find an alternative drink.

The amount of caffeine per serving of one energy drink is also alarming.

Experts warn that this excessive amount can lead to trouble sleeping, which in turn, can make it harder to do your job to your fullest potential during the day.

For servicemen and others in jobs with serious responsibility, this can have extreme consequences.

Some servicemen who drink energy drinks regularly reported that they slept less than four hours per night, thanks to their high levels of consumption.

Researchers and doctors are also concerned about the taurine found in most of these energy drinks.

This amino acid, found mostly in animal tissue, has not yet been studied as far as the effects on human beings, which could possibly make it dangerous to consume.

According to one report, 47% of servicemen drink at least one energy drink per day, while a little 14% guzzle down three or more daily.

While only servicemen were surveyed, it is likely this drips over to the civilian population who may are also likely consuming large amounts of these drinks to retain an awake state.

The Army encouraged servicemen to replace their daily energy drinks with water, as it is cheap and doesn’t have the same side effects.

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