Mike Lillis

January 5, 2012

Santa Fe police expressed frustration on Wednesday as they said illegal immigrants who were arrested on various different charges are ending up back on the streets time after time.

Police said they’re frustrated that they keep arresting the same criminals over and over when there’s supposed to be a system in place to prevent that.

Mario Orantes-Munoz, 22, is a wanted man. Police said he’s accused of breaking into someone’s home and stealing two powerful rifles. In June, he was also charged with burglary. According to his records, Munoz is not in this country legally, and in June, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement put a detainer on him.

“Somebody’s dropping the ball,” said Lt. Louis Carlos, of the Santa Fe Police Department. “These suspects have an immigration detainer, meaning Immigration takes control of them. And somehow, they’re ending up back on the streets of Santa Fe.”

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