CNN host Chris Cuomo was confronted today over why he deleted a tweet that asked whether the identity of the individual who created the infamous Trump wrestling meme should have been revealed.

The New Day host was caught up in the ‘CNN blackmail’ controversy when he tweeted, “Should CNN reveal name of Reddit user who made trump wrestling video? Had a lot of bigoted and hateful material on page and website.”

Cuomo was asked by the Rebel’s Laura Loomer why he “deleted a tweet that encouraged the extortion of a Reddit user who posted a meme about CNN?”

“There was no encouraging any extortion, he wasn’t a teenager and the reason I took the tweet down was because the decision had already been made, I thought it was more conditional about whether or not his name was gonna be released and it wasn’t – his name was already going to be kept private because of his own actions and their concerns about his privacy, so it didn’t make any sense,” said Cuomo.

Cuomo’s response is interesting because it reveals how the CNN host thought it was reasonable for the network to essentially be threatening the individual with the revelation of his identity if he didn’t stop creating anti-CNN memes.

Cuomo then denied that CNN targeted private citizens over anti-CNN memes.


“I don’t think that’s what happened and I think you should look at the other content that was on that site and think about who you’re defending,” added Cuomo.

This is an argument that has been thoroughly debunked, including by Glenn Greenwald who tweeted yesterday, “One can question whether a massive media corporation should be threatening to expose an anonymous critic without sympathizing with his views.”

Cuomo, who previously suggested on air that it was illegal for the public to read John Podesta’s hacked emails on Wikileaks, appeared arrogant and haughty throughout the exchange with Loomer.

Loomer was quickly told to leave by CNN security despite standing on a public sidewalk.

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