In the heat of battle, it’s hard to separate the signal from the noise—a phenomenon that’s known as the “fog of war.” This is what’s happening in field of cybersecurity now. Amid all the noise of the presidential election, the actual and the rumored hacking, a vital signal is being missed: the fact that there is a dramatic shift in cyber attacks.

As a veteran of the cybersecurity market, I’ve worked with a lot of young and mature companies to help shape their security plans into battle-ready solutions. And it has been a busy few decades—because ever since the dawn of e-commerce, companies have been playing catch-up with ever more sophisticated, malicious and insatiable adversaries.

Fortunately, there are startups arising with cutting-edge security innovations to combat cyber attackers. Many are embracing a dual approach that includes using defensive technologies, as well as new offensive tactics like predictive AI technologies. We certainly need them.

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