Kurt Nimmo
October 20, 2010

It appears the NAACP is drinking the SPLC and ADL kool-aid. The organization has released “Tea Party Nationalism,” a joint project with the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. The report attempts to link the Tea Party movement to white supremacists.

“The result of this study contravenes many of the Tea Parties’ self-invented myths, particularly their supposedly sole concentration on budget deficits, taxes and the power of the federal government,” reads the report’s introduction. “Instead, this report found Tea Party ranks to be permeated with concerns about race and national identity and other so-called social issues.”

Ben Jealous, NAACP CEO, told the Huffington Post that his organization has no problem with the Tea Party movement as a whole. “We have no problem with the Tea Party existing,” he said. “We have no problem with the Tea Party expressing its views in the great debates in our great democracy. We do, however, have a problem when prominent Tea Party members who have direct ties to organizations like the Council of Conservative Citizens, are allowed to use Tea Party events to recruit people for those white supremacist groups.”

Democrats and the corporate media have long insisted the Tea Party movement is racist. On March 20, Democrats launched a misleading propaganda offensive claiming Tea Party protesters in Washington spat on Missouri Democrat Emanuel Cleaver and hurled racial epithets at members of the Congressional Black Caucus as they walked to the Capitol to cast a vote on Obama’s authoritarian health care bill. As Infowars.com reported at the time, Cleaver was not assaulted and there was no evidence of racial epithets directed at members of Congress.

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security and the Missouri Information Analysis Center authored reports claiming the patriot movement contains white supremacist elements. The MIAC report leaked to Alex Jones claims members of a “rightwing” militia movement organized in the 1990s — generally in response to the Oklahoma City bombing and the events at Waco — “continuously exploit world events in order to increase participation in their movements. Due to the current economical and political situation, a lush environment for militia activity has been created” and supposedly exploited by “constitutionalists” and “white supremacists,” the latter an oft-employed canard used to demonize activists as dangerous and potentially violent lunatics.

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The NAACP continues this process of political demonization. In July, the organization offered a resolution to its members condemning the Tea Party movement. The resolution stated that members of the movement have “displayed signs and posters intended to degrade people of color generally and President Barack Obama specifically” and added its “racist elements” are a “a threat to progress.” The “Tea Party Nationalism” report represents the next phase of a concerted effort to demonize the patriot movement.

In September, the NAACP partnered with Think Progress, Media Matters and New Left Media to launch Tea Party Tracker, a site set up to monitor “racism and other forms of extremism in the Tea Party movement.”

Think Progress is closely linked to the globalist George Soros. Media Matters for America was founded by former MoveOn consultant Tom Matzzie and Clintonite John Podesta’s Center for American Progress. CAP is linked to George Soros through Morton H. Halperin, the director of Soros’ Open Society Policy Center.

The NAACP report was created by the Kansas City-based Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, which is funded, in part, by the Firedoll Foundation. The paper was written by Devin Burghart and Leonard Zeskind. Mr. Zeskind has made a career out of issuing clarion calls around the exaggerated threat posed by white supremacists. In June of 2009, he warned that the white nationalist organization Stormfront was planning to infiltrate and take over the Tea Party movement. According to Zeskind, a “constellation of anti-tax, anti-immigrant, and Christian right activists and Republican conservatives are gathering their forces. Expect white nationalists to put their own star in this sky. ”

As the case of Hal Turner revealed, the government largely runs the white supremacist movement. The FBI compromised the Ku Klux Klan and other racist organizations in the 1960s and has used them since to demonize the patriot and constitutionalist movements. The Southern Poverty Law Center, according to an FBI memo, was engaged in an undercover shenanigans at the white supremacist compound at Elohim City and may have played a part in the Oklahoma City bombing, long ago revealed as a false flag attack designed to usher in a raft of police state legislation proposed by the Clinton administration.

In April, we reported on attempts by those vehemently opposed to the Tea Party movement participating in the political process to sabotage Tea Party rallies and events. “With the establishment desperate to engender and exploit violence which will be used to demonize the Tea Party movement as an extremist mob, so-called anarchists are now openly declaring their intentions to pose as Tea Party members and stage violence in order to discredit populist grass roots organizations,” wrote Paul Joseph Watson.

“Law-abiding Tea Partiers are apparently being infiltrated and made to look extreme,” Andrew W. Griffin of the Oklahoma Watchdog wrote on April 15. “Growing evidence points to provocateurs that bring to mind the protests of the Vietnam War era and COINTELPRO.”

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The foundation “progressives” are desperate to portray the Tea Party movement as nativst and racist, especially now as the important mid-term elections enter the home stretch. The NAACP report, penned by a man who has made a career out of exploiting a racist movement in large part controlled by the government, will fortunately be dismissed as a cynical ploy by millions of Americans determined to take back their government from the globalists and career politicians.

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