As the chaos in Ferguson, Missouri, last night reached fever pitch, President Obama took to the airwaves urging peace and calm.

“I join Michael’s parents in asking anyone that protests this decision to do so peacefully,” the president begged. “Hurting others or destroying property is not the answer,” Obama said quoting the father of slain teen Michael Brown. “No matter what the grand jury decides I do not want my son’s death to be in vain.”

Unfortunately, activists witnessing the violence and chaos unfold didn’t think the president’s words added anything of significance to the protests, and they took to Twitter to voice their disgust.

At least one person also expressed that the president’s words may have done more to fuel the protests than calm them.

Following the verdict, Brown’s stepfather also urged protesters to “Burn this bitch down,” referring to the Ferguson community.

Obama was also heavily criticized after multiple news feeds aired split screen coverage of his speech, with images of the fiery chaos playing alongside him:


Despite the president’s popularity and penchant for being the center of attention, the anger incited by the grand jury’s decision is forcing his dedicated voter base to see him in a new light:

And then there were these more colorful comments via



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