Anthony Gucciardi
August 22, 2013

As predicted in my article on the day the news broke over the Chris Lane two days ago, the three teenagers murdered the rising student via an impersonal gunshot to the back as part of a gang initiation. And Obama and other talking heads who were screaming from the rooftops over the Trayvon Martin case do not care.

The father of one teenager who turned down recruitment from the boys to join in their gang is now confirming my investigation into the event that the mainstream media once again utterly failed to even mention. But once again, we were on the case (with the help of Infowars posting up the story) long before there was an admission to confirm the research completely. My article entitled ‘Investigation Reveals Death of Chris Lane Result of Gangster Culture, Gang Related‘ was immediately published following my discovery of James Edwards’ Facebook page, who was the teen that was extremely instrumental in the murder of Chris Lane and an avid Crip wannabe.

James Johnson, who again is the father of the boy who was targeted by the three teenage murders and asked to join their gang, has gone on record in confirming the murder was absolutely related to gang initiation. In the interview with Sydney Morning Herald, Johnson states:

“I don’t think it was an initiation – I know it was an initiation, my son told me it was an initiation.”


And there it is. Now the media is supposed to be calling ‘for justice’, right? We saw it with Trayvon Martin, who was dubbed the modern day ‘Emmett Till’ even though there was no actual evidence of racial motivation (and let’s not forget the fact that the evidence actually led to the understanding that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman assaulting him). But what about Chris Lane? Lane was an accomplished academic, sports player, and all around ‘good guy’.

Where’s the calls for ‘justice’? Because in this case, where the suspects may actually be affiliated with high profile gangs, it’s clearly something that needs to be done. And in fact, it represents a large portion of young boys who are being indoctrinated into this culture. Where’s the calls for justice?

The Crips, as you may be aware, are one of the most notorious gangs in the United States. Represented by their blue colors (while The Bloods are represented by red), they often require new initiates to ‘prove’ themselves by killing an innocent person or similar atrocity. One of the key photos found on the Facebook page of James Edwards sports him wearing a blue bandana that is most certainly related to The Crips.


Whether this 15-year-old truly was linked up with the gang or simply had a deluded idea of ‘getting in’ by murdering Chris Lane is really not certain. But I do know that gang members often love to take advantage of young and gullible children who are willing to perform horrible tasks for them that the average member may not. Roles like drug mule come to mind, which may coincide with his numerous Facebook photos detailing massive amounts of cash.

But one thing is for certain: the White House is ignoring the entire thing.


In fact, the White House press secretary’s response was that the White House was not ‘familiar’ with the case. A rather peculiar answer when considering we know the White House at large is clinically obsessed with Drudge Report and what it chooses to report on. The Chris Lane murder being among the top story for over 42 hours now, I find it rather amazing that they’d manage to miss it.

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