Is it possible that they just somehow missed the top story for about two days now?

No, it’s not. They are absolutely lying and intentionally letting this story sink, because it is highly detrimental for everything Obama pushes for. The case exposes the highly dangerous gang culture that’s actually responsible for a large portion of gun deaths inside the United States (which therefore alleviates the attacks against law-abiding citizen gun owners), it deflates the horrendous race baiting by the Obama administration and media over the Trayvon Martin case that led to the demonization of ‘white’ Zimmerman, and most importantly it rallies people together against gang real crime.

And the government elite cannot have us come together. Instead, as amazing as it seems right now, watch as the media begins to spotlight a very twisted support for the three murderers. The three murderers who shot Chris Lane in the back in order to join a bloodthirsty gang. Watch as they spin this into a sad tale of how they were ‘victims’ of society.

Originally appeared at Story Leak.

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