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August 21, 2013

We have made a overlay of Apollo 11 photo AS11-40-5849 the photo you see first is the photo as it is shown in the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ) today, when you go with your mouse over the photo it will show the photo that was on display around 2003. Both photos must be real, did the ALSJ take artistic freedom to alter the photo or did NASA provide them with new images. We are told by the ALSJ that they used scans of the original photos for the images shown today, but when that is the case what are the images they displayed in 2003? We have found hundreds and hundreds of images that show the same “alteration“. What is going on why are the photos changed and who did change them. Something seems wrong with the ALSJ the leading Apollo photo archive online. AwE130 has not altered the photos in anyway other than copied and paste them, we did resize the image to the same size that is all. It is time you join the whisper!

Visit page to see mouse roll-over image

We do wonder why they rotated the photo, we can only assume why it is done. Maybe they did not like the historical correct image (no matter if it is made on the moon or not) and just changed it to make it look nicer? If that is the case one may ask the question what more is changed without any explanation. What about the colour?

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