If you are not sure what to do, sometimes it’s an option to do what the most successful people do. So if you are not sure whether to keep investing in China or not, look at what Asia’s richest man Li Ka-shing has done since 2011. Only be careful not to alienate the Chinese regime in the process.

Li has been steadily diverting his empire away from China.

He sold roughly $16 billion of assets he held in China and moved the money into Europe, where he sees higher returns. His biggest sale was the Hong Kong-based pharmacy chain A.S. Watson & Co. ($5.7 billion for a 25 percent stake) and his biggest buy was the U.K.’s second-largest telecom company O2 ($15.8 billion).

In addition, Li, worth $24.8 billion according to Forbes, had offloaded billions worth of Chinese real estate in a timely manner, before the Chinese real estate bubble burst in 2014.

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