WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a live-steaming Internet press conference this morning, Julian Assange announced there are some 22,000 IP addresses in the Wikileaks database that are in the United States, triggering Wikileaks suspicion that the CIA has continued to go rogue, violating its charter not to investigate U.S. citizens.

Click here for the segment where Assange begins explaining how the CIA potentially victimizes Americans.

Assange also revealed the CIA “lost control of its entire cyber-weapons arsenal” by storing this arsenal in an unsecured archive unexplainably “in a historic act of incompetence,” such that the CIA cyber-weapons arsenal was circulated by U.S. intelligence officers, CIA contractors and in the international black market.

“The CIA developed the largest arsenal of Trojan and viruses in the world that attacks most of the systems that journalists, people in government, politicians, CEOs, and average people use,” he explained. “The CIA appears not to have secured this, lost control of it, and then covered it up that fact.”

“The CIA became aware in the last couple of months that Wikileaks had that material and has not disclosed that to the public, or warned the public that this loose cyber-war arsenal is out there.”

Assange raised the question whether Barack Obama concealed this information during or after the election, asking whether the CIA has informed President Trump.

He also explained the first document dump from the Wikileaks “Vault 7” on the CIA occurred on Tuesday because the documents had been loaded and were ready for release on Tuesday, and Tuesday was not a weekend.

The WikiLeaks founder denied the Tuesday release was targeted to coincide with or influence any other story currently in the news cycle in the United States or worldwide.

And he also disclosed the Wikileaks servers have been under cyber-attack since Tuesday, acknowledging that even the live-streaming internet press conference was under cyber-attack as it was being broadcast.

Assange did not give specific dates for the release of additional CIA documents in the “Vault 7” release, but Assange has suggested in various Tweets that less than 1 percent of all the “Vault 7” documents were released Tuesday.

The CIA documents released so far prove the CIA has secretly developed within the agency a hacking and electronic surveillance capability that rivals the NSA, implemented apparently without public disclosure or Congressional authorization.

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