During his interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News last night, Julian Assange suggested that “powerful actors” were taking “revenge” on him by targeting the Wikileaks founder’s family.

“I have been detained illegally, without charge for six years, without sunlight, lots of spies everywhere,” said Assange, appearing emotional.

“It’s tough… but that’s the mission I set myself on. I understand the kind of game that’s being played – big powerful actors will try and take revenge…it’s a different thing for my family – I have young children, under 10 years old, they didn’t sign up for that… and I think that is fundamentally unjust… my family is innocent, they didn’t sign up for that fight.”

During the interview, which was coincidentally aired on January 3rd, the birth date of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich, Assange reiterated his assertion that WIkileaks’ source for the DNC and John Podesta documents was not Russia or any state actor.

When Hannity asked Assange if his source was within the United States, the Wikileaks founder responded, “I don’t want to constrain whether it was someone within the United States, in the DNC, in the service providers that provide for the DNC or outside etc, I think we have already pushed it quite a lot.”

Although refusing to name sources, Assange has indicated on more than one previous occasion that Rich was the source for the DNC leaks.

Rich was mysteriously murdered on July 10 in a case that remains unsolved. Wikileaks subsequently offered $20,000 dollars for information leading to the capture of his killer.

Could Assange’s concerns over what happened to Seth Rich be the reason why he is now putting his fears for his family on the record?

Watch the full interview below.


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