Mike Adams
Natural News
April 9, 2013

When the ATF can’t find real people committing gun crimes, it must fabricate those crimes itself in order to justify its very existence. The latest victim to be ensnared in the ATF’s ongoing racket of trumped-up “gun crimes” is a brain-damaged, mentally retarded black man named Chauncey Wright. He nearly drowned as an infant, and the sustained lack of oxygen to his brain caused permanent brain damage.

This, in the view of the ATF, made him the “perfect stooge” to carry out their devious entrapment plot. He was also targeted because he had a felony conviction on his record from 2007 when he was caught selling $10 bags of cocaine on the street. This felony record meant that handling a gun was itself a whole new felony.

To entice Wright into committing “crimes” for the ATF, he was given cigarettes, cash and gifts by the ATF to distribute flyers for an undercover storefront set up by the ATF itself. He rode his bike around town and handed out flyers, talking up the store to friends and town residents. The ATF also had Wright stock store shelves with “shoes, clothing, drug paraphernalia and auto parts,” according to press reports (see source, below).

After six months of entrapping this brain-damaged man and enticing him with cigarettes and cash, the ATF arrested him and charged him with gun crimes and drug violations.

This is your government at work, building a police state system of entrapment and exploitation of innocent victims.

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

“I have never heard of anything so ludicrous in my life,” said Greg Thiele, who spent 30 years working for the Milwaukee Police Department including on undercover stings with federal agents, including those with the ATF. “Something is very wrong here.”

The story goes on to state:

“This is real exploitation,” said Shirin Cabraal, managing attorney for Disability Rights Wisconsin. “It’s morally outrageous.”

ATF and FBI actively carry out terrorist plots against America

What we’re dealing with today is an arrogant police state where both the ATF and the FBI routinely plan, engineer and carry out elaborate criminal operations, then arrest some stooge they set up to take the fall.

Here at Natural News, we’ve already reported on the FBI’s history of terror plots and how that agency routinely ensnares low-IQ people to carry out “terror attacks” that are stopped at the last minute by the FBI itself.

The mainstream media fails to look into any of this, but the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal is engaged in the rare art of actual journalism on this particular issue, filing multiple stories that expose the outrageous incompetence and criminality of the ATF.

Here are just a few of the stories they’ve posted so far:

BACKFIRE: The JS investigation into the ATF

Interactive timeline of ATF incompetence and criminality

How the ATF lost a full-auto machine gun in Milwaukee

This is how government works: Targeting innocent citizens for “enforcement” authority

What’s so disturbing about all this is that instead of chasing actual gun criminals such as U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder — the mastermind behind Operation Fast and Furious that put guns into the hands of Mexican drug dealers — the ATF is running around spending taxpayer money entrapping retarded people who have no idea what they’re even doing.

It’s no different from the ATF tricking little children with candy. To engage in a conspiracy to entrap a retarded black man while spending untold sums of taxpayer money to accomplish it is nothing short of preposterous… and possibly even criminal.

Why aren’t these ATF agents being arrested and locked up? Aren’t they the ones who set up the storefront and tricked Wright into handling guns and drugs in the first place? Why is it acceptable for agents of the federal government to violate the law in their push to ensnare innocent victims and claim another prosecutorial “victory” for their personal careers? “I put 25 criminals behind bars!” they might brag. Yeah, except that 22 of them were retarded victims you set up in the first place.

Is this what America has come to now? Federal agents entrapping brain damaged individuals and charging them with felony gun crimes? Is this the new face of “gun control” in America? Will the prisons now be filled with victims of brain damage who are tricked and cajoled by the government into unwittingly committing felony crimes?

All this is clearly a sign of a police state spiraling out of control.

Federal agents staged Oklahoma City, by the way

If you really want to learn the hard-core truth about the total criminality of federal agents, buy the DVD called A Noble Lie.

Or watch the powerful trailer here:

The real truth about the ATF is that this agency is a rogue group of heavily-armed men who are so bored out of their minds that they actually have to stage most of their key conflicts in order to justify their continued existence. They staged the assault on the Waco community in Texas, and they also played a key role in the Oklahoma City bombing — an event that was entirely staged by the government itself.

Timothy McVeigh was the Chauncey Wright of Oklahoma City – just another patsy positioned to take the fall for a plot engineered by government agents.

There is not a single mass murder event in recent American history — not Aurora, not Sandy Hook, not Waco, not Oklahoma City and not even 9/11 — that wasn’t in some way plotted, carried out or covered up by agents of the U.S. government.

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