Multibillion dollar Canadian athletic apparel company Lululemon promoted an upcoming social justice workshop which aims to “decolonize gender” and “resist capitalism.”

In a recent post, the company urged its 3.3 million Instagram followers to participate in a virtual lecture titled, “Decolonizing Gender: unveil historical erasure and resist capitalism,” hosted by Lululemon ambassador and yoga instructor Rebby Kern.

The description of the event is extremely confusing due to the progressive language used throughout:

Decolonizing Gender: unveil historical erasure and resist capitalism

So wait, you mean to say we’ve been learning inaccurate histories of gender?

Because capitalism wins under a colonized binary system of gender?

YEP! So now what?

Hang with Rebby to get the download on how gender constructs across the world have informed culture and the ways violent colonialism has erased these histories to enforce consumerism, gender stereotypes and misunderstanding of gender diverse communities.

While the event aims to bash “capitalism,” it’s asking attendees to pay $20–$60 to participate in the event.

The company’s virtue signal stunt follows a string of corporations bending to extreme far left ideologies, as noted by Washington Free Beacon:

Many institutions have created or promoted diversity training after a summer of social justice protests. Seattle’s city government created a whites-only anti-bias training for employees earlier this summer, Duke University said it would implement anti-racism training in its curriculum, and Google said it would launch a series of anti-racism training seminars in 2021.

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