The megabanks want you to go cashless, without receipts, in the name of reducing carbon they issue credits on.

Aaron Dykes
November 7, 2012

Save carbon footprint at ATMWhen you pay a $2, $3, $4 or even $5 fee to retrieve your money from one of the hundreds of thousands of ATM machines located across the country, you apparently haven’t sacrificed enough to the banks that run the globe.

Now, at many of those cash dispensaries, the user is asked to do just a bit more.

By simply skipping your paper receipt — and record of the one-sided relationship with your financial institution — you could help save the earth by reducing your carbon footprint. Not just in general, but in specific, calculated terms. This terminal in Texas asked if I’d like to reduce .49g of carbon output by trusting the bank to keep the records and save a tree or two.

These “green” ATM practices have been ongoing since at least the beginning of 2012.

Quantifying the carbon footprint of your receipt is a minor part of the larger integrated system designed to charge individuals for every unit of carbon — the very carbon these megabanks have priced and placed into commodity trading for huge potential profits.

See this snapshot showing the prompt:

Save carbon footprint at ATM

In the full spectrum, it is a subtle reminder of the larger game at work. The financial manipulations by banks floated by the bailout not only extend to making a killing on fees, or investing consumer funds on the derivatives market, but to colluding on the still emerging carbon trading market that could cost American consumers trillions in new costs. JP Morgan Chase is in on the game. So is Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Barclays, Bank of America, and most of the other megabanks who’ve already conquered the Western world.

The system wants you to go cashless, without receipts, all in the name of carbon reduction and doing your part to ‘save the earth.’

Under the guise of green guilt, some of the biggest global banking entities are profiteering off of carbon exchanges, offsets and taxes. Al Gore, among others, is on his way to becoming a “carbon billionaire” due to his financial interests in carbon swaps and derivatives. Many of these measures have been slowed by opposition, but are slated for a resurgence under President Obama’s second term.

These reigning banks are simultaneously imposing economic austerity on the populations of the world under the ongoing global collapse as well as environmental austerity, asking individuals to do more to do less. At ATMs, consumers are already accustomed to the controls of the system, encouraged to go cashless, and further encouraged to do without receipts or even a physical wallet. Now, the system is asking you to embrace yet another level of control, changing personal behavior again in the name of saving the earth even in routine banking practices.

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