June 22, 2012

All across the globe infowarriors are waking people up to the fascist dictatorship of Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack H. Obama. The message is spreading like never before, from small quiet towns in the rural mid-west to places like Belfast, Ireland.

Here are the freshest video submissions for the “Stop Dictator Obama” Contest. Video submissions will be accepted through Friday June 22 until midnight central standard time. We will have one final posting tomorrow. Send videos to: [email protected].

Read the contest rules

Alex plans to announce the results Monday, June 25th on the Infowars Nightly News, which streams at 7pm central on

Read the rules for phase 2 if you were unable to send a submission during phase 1 of this contest. Phase 2 grand prize is $10,000.

Dictator Scum Contest Entry! Mike taylor

Obama Dictator Poster Contest- STOP THE OBAMINATION! Indigo braveman

Dictator Scum – INFOWARS.COM

Media Blast – INFOWARS.COM – By: Dictator Scum


Here’s your change (poster contest), Obama Scumbag Dictator Contest!

General Obomber

The Siren – Oh How We’ve Bled – Infowars

NYC Subway Takeover (Infowars contest against NWO)


Alex Jones Poster Contest | Austin, TX

Obama is a Dictator by odictator

A Political Fairy Tale

obama dictator contest -rantingdave65

Live at Camp Rapid and Obama Dictator Poster Contest

Our Loving Dictator: “Stop Dictator Obama” Poster Contest

Winning Infowars Down With Dictator Obama Contest Video!!!!!!



THE CORRECT VIEWS 6 22 2012 Alex Jone’s Obama Dictator Contest

Treasonist dictator


Small Town Guerrilla Postering

Alex Jones Dictator Reveal Contest


Obama Dictator Poster Contest: Cleveland and Kent, Ohio


Obama dictator scum in belfast pt2

Infowars: “Murder One, Crimes Against Humanity”

Obama is a murdering New World Order fascist dictator scumbag!!!

Good luck to everyone!

Send your video entries to: [email protected]

Read the contest rules

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