The media has become more interested in covering for the establishment than speaking truth to power, says investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Attkisson told Fox host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, referring to the hostile manner in which the media treated the release of the Nunes Memo outlining FISA surveillance abuses by pro-Clinton FBI and DoJ officials on an American citizen.

“In fact, I commented that I’ve never in my lifetime seen open-government groups and journalists so uncurious and begging not to be told about alleged or supposed violations of citizens’ rights, and this bleeds into a much larger picture of surveillance abuses that have occurred over the past 10, 20 years involving citizens, politicians and journalists.”

Carlson asked her why journalists are no longer fulfilling their role to try to get more information rather than less.

“We have invited some of the propagandists into our news rooms and we allow them to dictate the talking points and messages du jour, and it’s getting more difficult to find down-the-middle unbiased reporting,” Attkisson replied.

The “propagandists” she’s referring to are individuals like former CIA agent, “proud shitholer,” and CNN contributor Philip Mudd, or former CIA chief-turned NBC News contributor John Brennan.

Carlson then asked if spying violations were a rare occurrence, referring the case of Carter Page being spied on by the FBI based on the false Steele dossier.

“I think not,” Attkisson said. “Longer before Trump announced running for president, I had intel sources and contacts – who I’m still in touch with – who have said that for a long time there has been presentation of bad evidence to the FISA court to justify warrants, that there has been a reverse-engineering when political figures want to target people illegally.”

“They find someone in their orbit that they can target and then capture them ‘incidentally,’ and then ‘accidentally’ capture their data and unmask them acting surprised that that’s who it was when that’s the target they intended to capture all along,” she added.

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