Kurt Nimmo
April 13, 2010

ny times

Australian cops may soon emulate their counterparts in New York. It appears Victoria police will change out of their powder blue uniforms into something dark and more sinister.

“[P]olice are likely to get new, darker uniforms – similar to those worn by the NYPD — in a sweeping makeover to command more respect on the street,” reports the Herald Sun.

Respect. How many New Yorkers actually respect the cops? Most avoid the cops like the plague. Many New Yorkers fear the cops, especially cops in the subways with assault weapons and bomb sniffing dogs looking for terrorists who do not exist. It gives them an excuse to act like Darth Vader storm troopers.

It is a psychological thing. Dark blue is close to black. Bad guys in old westerns didn’t wear black hats for nothing.

It remains to be seen if commonwealth cops will keep their chequer (checker) board hats, the symbol of the Bank of England, specifically the Exchequer, the government department that oversees all economic and financial matters and the collection of revenues from the commoners. Exchequer also refers to the table used in the medieval period for monetary calculations.

It is no mistake cops in commonwealth countries wear the symbol of the Exchequer. It looks like they may soon wear the color of the Dark Side as well.

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