Kimberly aka Lady Libertas
February 19, 2010

Lady Libertas would like to extend thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Joseph Stack attack. The suicide of this disturbed man and the death and pain that he has caused are heart wrenching. It is being reported that there was one additional death as a result of Joseph Stack flying his plane into the building to achieve his own suicide. His family will be releasing a statement on Friday morning.

Joseph Stack.

Lady Libertas was stunned and outraged by the coverage of the Joseph Stack attack in the liberal blogosphere and then the main stream media. Headlines began appearing claiming that Stack was a Tea Party member and that the violence that he wreaked was a hallmark of the Tea Party movement. Donald, here on Right Pundits, quickly broke the story (see full story here) of the Fake Facebook account attributed to Stack and set up by the mysterious Emily Waters. Donald provides links to the screenshot of that facebook account and how it was set up by Emily Walters with the Gadsden Flag and the Liberty Tree quote by Thomas Jefferson. This facebook account and the distortions by liberals are nothing more than smear campaigns seeking to deface the Tea Party movement and prove some imagined violent agenda. The violent agenda of the Tea Party movement does not exist except in the fevered imaginings of the far left and the liberal media.

By Thursday evening, the mainstream media began to report the liberal blogospheres rantings that Joseph Stack was a Tea Party member as truth. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Lady Libertas reached out to the leaders of the Tea Party groups in the Austin, Texas area to get their reaction and to ask if Joseph Stack was a member of any of their groups. Three leaders from the various Tea Party groups in the Austin area all confirmed that Joseph Stack was not and has never been a member or affiliated with any of their organizations.

Lady Libertas spoke by phone with Greg Holloway, Member of the Board of Austin Tea Party Patriots and Co-Founder of Common Sense Texans. Greg’s wife, Judy Holloway is the Founder of Austin Tea Party Patriots. Greg and I had a heartfelt conversation about the Joseph Stack incident. I asked Greg what his reaction was when he heard that this man had flown a plane into a building in Austin.

The biggest thing that we found today in Austin, no matter what political affiliation Joseph Stack had, is the human tragedy. We are sorry for him and the people hurt today. This is a personal and community tragedy. Our prayers go out to the victims and to the family of Joseph Stack.

Greg confirmed unequivocally that Joseph Stack did not belong now or ever to Austin Tea Party Patriots.

“Joseph Stack is not on any lists and was not a member.”

We discussed his view of the Tea Party and why anyone would think Joseph Stack was a member.

Why would he be a Tea Party member? It could have easily been said he was a member of any group. They are just ridiculously mistaken by saying he was a member of Tea Party. Tea Parties are designed to help people, to bring people back to the Constitutional Principles. We want to make the country a good place for all people, not just a select few. We use civil mechanisms, the rule of law, elections, legislation to achieve our goals. Violence has no place at all in what we do.

These are real people. There was a real tragedy. How these left wing blogs are behaving has nothing to do with what happened today.

I hope there are plenty of friends and family available for the victims and the Stack family. If there is anything that Austin Tea Party Patriots can do for them, we are here to assist.

Lady Libertas also reached out to Head Organizer, Heather Liggett of Austin Tea Party. Heather provided me with the following statement:

I can say with affirmation that Joseph Stack was not a member of the Austin Tea Party nor was he a member of The Tea Party Movement. Within Mr. Stack’s own writing, one can see clearly that are no shared values or principles with the Tea Party.

After reading Mr. Stack’s February 18, 2010 statement, it is evident he supported anarchy. The Tea Party movement does not advocate anarchy. The Tea Party movement believes in our founding principles so eloquently written in our Constitution.

Mr. Stack repeatedly showed disdain for free-market principles in his statement. The Tea Party movement knows that every American success is rooted in the freedom of our capitalist principles.

Mr. Stack did not believe in paying taxes. The Tea Party movement believes in taxes for the defense of Our Great Nation; however like the majority of Americans – be they Democrat, Republican or Independent – we all believe in reform of the current tax structure. We only differ on the type of reform that is best.

Mr. Stack saw churches as corrupt entities and called them “monsters of organized religion.” He spoke of being “brainwashed to believe that there is freedom” and declared “violence is the only answer.” The Tea Party movement believes in God, and we know the valuable contributions our churches make each day to our communities across this land.

Thousands of Tea Parties have been held nationwide, a million Tea Partiers marched in our nation’s capital, and not a single act of violence was ever committed by a Tea Party supporter.

There is a common thread that ties every Tea Party across this country to the Austin Tea Party, and that thread is our eternal optimism in America. Tea Partiers believe in the American Spirit, the American Dream and the freedom of the people to peacefully assemble and use the powers granted in the Constitution to restore our nation. Mr. Stack was void of optimism. It is ironic that some members of the media are void of integrity and would try to make an association where one does not exist, as spelled out by Mr. Stack himself.

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Lady Libertas also touched base with Toby Marie Walker, the Head of Waco Tea Party. Toby Marie also confirmed that Joseph Stack was not listed on their membership list and condemned the violent attack.

“He is a terrorist. End of story. We have none on our membership lists for Joseph Stack.”

Toby is providing Lady Libertas with an official statement that will be available Friday Morning; however, Toby Marie was clear and concise that this was not anything that Tea Party would endorse.

A few, final thoughts.

Thank you to Greg and Heather and Toby Marie. You are all True Patriots and I salute the work that you are doing on behalf of our Republic.

Lady Libertas has been involved with the Tea Party Movement for almost a year. I have met some of the most amazing human beings through participation in the Tea Party. It is an amazing group of individuals from every imaginable walk of life, socio-economic level, and political party affiliation. We are white, black, brown, yellow, and red, white & blue. We have joined together not because we are all exactly the same in our beliefs but because we all love our country and we believe that it is in trouble. Tea Party is unique in its uniqueness. Each group is different but there has never been violence condoned or performed in the name of Tea Party. Only the terminally misinformed would mistake our passion for aggression.

One person’s insane actions, no matter what they believe does not define a movement. And that goes for Amy Bishop too.

The next few days will be immensely difficult for everyone involved as they attempt to recover from this unexplainable tragedy. Let’s hope that the left can leave off their political machinations, smear campaigns and fake facebook accounts to allow the victims, families and people of Austin time to wake up from this nightmare and begin to heal.

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