UPDATE: Police have identified the suspect as 23-year-old Pflugerville resident Mark Anthony Conditt.

The suspect in a series of bombings in Austin, Texas, died Wednesday after detonating an explosive device in his vehicle.

The individual, described as a 23-year-old white male, was reportedly located at a Round Rock area hotel.

As police moved in on the vehicle, the suspect fled the scene, later pulling to the side of I-35 and triggering the blast.

One officer is said to have fired his weapon during the incident while another was injured by the detonation.

According to Austin Police Chief Brian Manley, investigators are currently unaware of a motive.

“We do not understand what motivated him to do what he did” but “we believe this individual is responsible for all incidents dating back to March 2,” Manley said during an early morning press conference.

Manley went on to state that investigations are still underway to locate any potential accomplices or additional packages.

“We don’t know where the suspect has spent his last 24 hours, so we need to remain vigilant,” Manley added. “If you see something that seems suspicious, report it.”

The case began rapidly developing over the last 36 hours when officers obtained surveillance video from a FedEx facility where an unexploded bomb was discovered.

Investigators then collected what were considered suspicious purchase receipts and the suspect’s Google search history before using “cell phone technology” to track him to the hotel.

President Donald Trump congratulated law enforcement for their work in a tweet early Wednesday morning.

Prior to the suspect’s death, five bombs in total since March 2 had exploded, resulting in two deaths and numerous injuries. A package containing an unexploded bomb was located at a FedEx distribution center in Austin Tuesday.

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