A group of violent Communists were arrested in Austin, Texas Sunday after attacking Trump supporters near the state’s Capitol.

Members of “Red Guards Austin,” the six Communist agitators were taken into custody by Texas Department of Public Safety officers and charged with multiple crimes.

According to CBS Austin, 34-year-old Jarred Roark was charged with felony aggravated assault, evading arrest and resisting arrest while the 5 others were charged with “interference with public duty and resisting arrest.”

The other 5 others included Taylor Tomas Chase, 21, Joseph Wayne George, 36, Samuel Benjamin Lauber, 21, Jason Peterson, 24 and Jade Tabitha Shackelford, 19.

Unsurprisingly, Roark and his fellow Communists have a history of violence against anyone not espousing their radical views.

A May 2015 protest held by Infowars outside a local Planned Parenthood, which called on the political left to say that aborted black lives matter, was met with violence by the “Marxist Leninist-Maoist” group.

Watch Alex Jones get assaulted by rabid and intolerant Communists below:

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