As a result of President Obama visiting Central Texas to take part in numerous speeches and fundraisers, Austin residents were forced to endure crippling gridlock on major roads and interstate 35 for over an hour.

Making some Austinites spend hours in traffic, Obama’s visit has prompted several street closures and bus detours, crippling the flow of traffic in a town already listed by Forbes as fourth in the nation with the worst traffic delays.

Traffic cam shows Austin's southbound lanes are practically at a standstill. / Credit: KXAN
Traffic cam shows southbound lanes were closed for hours. / Credit: KXAN
Austinites waiting in traffic for hours. / Credit: KXAN
Austinites waiting in traffic for hours. / Credit: KXAN

According to Alex Jones who commuted to and from work during the delays, police had the roads blocked for hours, even after the Obama motorcade had passed. After leaving the Infowars studio at around 3PM, roads were still shut down as the emperor stopped for barbecue.

Two C-17 cargo aircraft unload in preparation for President Obama’s visit to Austin. / Photo: Randal Stephens, KXAN
Two C-17 “Globemaster” cargo planes transport Obama’s motorcade and security detail to and fro. / Photo: Randal Stephens, KXAN

Local news stations reported roads closed wherever the presidential motorcade decided to travel, and several public bus routes were also rerouted and delayed in response to the president’s visit.

Here are just a few reactions from Austin residents:

The city’s municipal courthouse also posted special hours during the visit, and rescheduled court dates for anyone scheduled to appear on Wednesday and Thursday.

The president spoke at the Paramount Theater on Congress Ave. earlier today.

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