Watch & share this bombshell report detailing how leftist Mayor Steve Adler along with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department are making a power grab for Austin’s parks.

“Yesterday, it was unilaterally decided that people wishing to visit the dozens of square miles known as the Austin Greenbelt, would need to make ‘reservations’ if they wanted to use the many trails and hiking areas of the Greenbelt,” said Austin local Tim Enlow in a Facebook post. “Only a certain number of citizens would be allowed due to Covid.”

“No city ordinance was passed, no law instituted, it was simply decreed by the city powers that this is how it would be, effective immediately.”

Leftist mayor launches a power grab on Austin’s parks.

Watch Action 7’s response report below:

The mayor of Austin, Texas, has decided to close public nature trails because of COVID-19. So Action 7 visits Barton Springs to open the park back up.

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