Australian activist and political commentator Avi Yemini was interrogated by the FBI and subsequently deported after he tried to enter America to appear on Dave Rubin and Steven Crowder’s shows.

Last month, a video featuring Yemini went viral in which he exposed Comedy Central host Jim Jefferies for dishonestly editing a video interview to smear Yemini during a segment about the New Zealand mosque shooting.

Yemini had planned to enter America to appear on the Rubin Report and Louder With Crowder, while also preparing to confront Jefferies about the smear.

However, upon landing, the activist was detained, interrogated and eventually deported.

“Upon arrival in Los Angeles I was DETAINED and INTERROGATED by the FBI and am currently waiting to be DEPORTED from the USA,” he tweeted, adding, “The “informant” was @ComedyCentral.”

Last month, Facebook also deleted Yemini’s page, which had 300,000 followers, for unspecified “hate speech”.

Watch Yemini’s exposure of Jim Jefferies below.

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