Australian ISPs have banned the popular video site Liveleak despite it having deleted uploads of the Christchurch shooting video – and despite Facebook and Twitter not getting blocked for the exact same thing.

The countries’ ISPs blocked their customers from accessing the site even though Liveleak published a statement stating it would not host videos of the Christchurch attack.

According to Guardian Australia:

A site that explicitly stated it would not host the horrific Christchurch terror video has been blocked by Australian telcos in an “extraordinary” effort to censor dozens of websites.

Telstra, Vodafone and Optus have all confirmed they are actively blocking Australian customers on their networks from accessing websites that hosted the Christchurch terror video.

None of the three telcos would say which sites had been blocked. The blocks are temporary and will be lifted when the footage is removed. The decision was made independently by telcos following industry-wide discussions, without any direction from law enforcement or the courts.

Facebook and Twitter were not targeted, despite hosting the video.

Although the telcos claim the ban is “temporary,” the mere fact that they’re selectively censoring web sites outside of law sets a very dangerous precedent, and there’s nothing really stopping them from banning sites permanently.

And as Guardian Australia reported, Facebook and Twitter weren’t blocked despite users having uploaded the video to its respective platforms.

Why not? Why was Liveleak banned but not Facebook and Twitter when all three of them seemingly appear to have done the exact same thing?

“On the eve of mass censorship of free speech and citizen journalism it seems this terror attack has played right in to the hands of those wanting to silence voices that are not of mainstream media source,” Liveleak said in a statement. “Even though LiveLeak has removed the video dozens of times having been uploaded.”

As previously reported, New Zealand telcos have also blocked its customers from viewing Zero Hedge.

“Less than a week after Facebook ‘mistakenly’ banned us for two days with no explanation following several reports which were critical of the social media giant, we learned that Zero Hedge has now been banned in New Zealand and Australia, despite the fact that we never hosted video footage of the Christchurch attack,” reported Zero Hedge. “We were not contacted prior to the censorship.”

“Instead, we have received a steady flood of people noting that the site is unavailable in the two countries unless a VPN is used.”

Big Tech has proven they care more about virtue signaling to the left than standing up for free speech as world wide laws are being pushed to censor the population.

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