An estimated 3,000 tenants of 9 separate public housing blocks in Australia were suddenly placed on lockdown Saturday following a declaration by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported, “Dima Abdu and her family had no idea the tower block they live in had been locked down until hours after it was suddenly announced by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on Saturday.”

“My mum called me and said, ‘I’m getting all these missed calls’,” Abdu said. “I realised we were in complete lockdown, as in, can’t go out for exercise, can’t go get groceries or any essentials either — that surprised me.”

Families stuck inside the towers are being fed by groups working with the government.

A social worker named Ahmed Dini who hasn’t been able to leave his apartment since the lockdown said, “I haven’t stepped outside, not for a second. I open my door just to look at some of the food that was dropped to me.”

Will authoritarian lockdowns of public housing units come to America next?

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