Citizens face jail time for refusing to answer intrusive government survey

Julie Wilson
June 21, 2013

A survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has gone from a voluntary survey regarding economical issues such as employment, to mandatory personal questions regarding one’s sex life.

Australian citizens have been complaining about government surveyors knocking on their doors and asking very intrusive personal questions. One resident in particular was asked what sexual partners his wife had, and also asked when either of them would be home alone. If residents decline these questions, they can face fines or even jail time.

The Australian government has been conducting what they refer to as a “Monthly Population Survey” (MPS) since 1960 in order to provide regular information about the country’s workforce. However, recent complaints have revealed the questions are much more personal than how long you’ve been out of work.

 Residents are randomly selected for surveys based on their address. Despite the contradictory information on the ABS website, once residents have been chosen, they’re required to participate in the invasive surveys once a month for eight months. One Aussie in particular was told the only way to get around the survey would be to change addresses.

 Yahoo Australia reports in the last year that the ABS took action against 1,500 Aussies, in which 94 were referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

 The ABS harasses and even threatens over 350,000 homes each year. The only question residents can legally refuse to answer are questions regarding religion.

Note from Alex Jones: The invasive census program being carried out in Australia is part of a global agenda to train people to instantly submit to bureaucratic requests for information and make them think it is the law. From the United States to Europe, from Australia to Mexico, programs like this have been put in place. They are now not just carried out over ten years for business owners and citizens, but every year to get more information. In the United States, it is a clear violation of the Fifth Amendment. This ties into the overall spy and surveillance grid put into place by the NSA. We are being taught that we have absolutely no rights and that all of our information is public as government and corporations are becoming more secret. Below find an article by Mike Adams breaking down this agenda.

USDA census program is covert surveillance operation to compile database of food & farm assets

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