Following the shooting in Oregon on Thursday, CNN cited Australia’s 1996 gun law as an example to follow.

“Proponents of the Second Amendment deny that tightening gun laws will lead to a drop in mass shootings. But, following similar tragedies in the UK, Finland, Norway and Australia, widespread gun law changes have been implemented, often with dramatic results,” CNN reports.

And yet restrictive laws placed on the ownership of firearms did not prevent a shooting on Friday outside the New South Wales state police headquarters in western Sydney, Australia.

Prime Minister John Howard’s 1996 “reform” was not designed to prevent mass murder. It was enacted to confiscated firearms.

Since the passage of the law there has been a number of mass murders in the country. Following the Port Arthur massacre which prompted the government to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens, the following incidents occurred:

  • 12 people where killed by three serial murderers in Snowtown.
  • An arsonist murdered 15 backpackers in Childers, Queensland.
  • A student went on a shooting spree killing two in Melbourne.
  • An arson attack killed 10 in Churchill, Victoria.
  • A man beat to death five people of the Lin family in North Epping, New South Wales.
  • 11 people were burned to death by a nurse in Sydney.
  • A man shot to death his wife and three children in Lockhart, South Wales.
  • A woman in Cairns, Queensland stabbed to death eight children.

Following every mass shooting in the United States, politicians and anti-Second Amendment advocates cite the Australian example.

However, studies show the law did not end violence, although it did reduce suicide by gun.

Are Americans willing to forfeit the Second Amendment to reduce suicide?

The law “robbed Australians of their right to self-defense and empowered criminals, all without delivering the promised reduction in violent crime,” the NRA notes.

Gun laws are not implemented to reduce murder, mayhem and criminality — they are enacted to take firearms away from citizens because government fears an armed populace.

“When gun control advocates say they want Australian gun control laws in the United States, what they are really saying is that they want gun confiscation in the United States,” writes the historian Varad Mehta.

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