On Thursday members of the Austrian armed forces along with the federal police engaged in an exercise to test their ability to secure the border in case of an emergency. The joint exercise was held at Ferlach, a short distance from the Slovenian border which has seen thousands of migrant crossings after the Hungarian border was closed last year.

The military and police were tested in a number of different scenarios, including one where migrants broke through the border security and attempted to escape into the country, reports Kurier. The aim of the drills is to create a communication and cooperation alliance between the two groups to better coordinate their joint resources in case migrants are able to storm through the Balkan countries.

150 soldiers from the Austrian army and 50 police officers were involved in the operation which also saw 40 soldiers playing the part of migrants. The troops roleplaying illegals were told to try their hardest to cross the border in whatever means they could, and to get away. As the operation progressed the army flew in five helicopters to help locate the fake migrants who had manged to evade the combined force at the border.

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