July 2, 2012

This summer’s unpredictable weather and debilitating power outages highlight the need for preparedness advice. Enter Matthew Stein, preparedness expert.


He has a BS from MIT and is the bestselling author of When Disaster Strikes: A Comprehensive Guide for Emergency Planning and Crisis Survival . While writing When Disaster Strikes , Stein spent months researching EMP, solar storms, and nuclear issues, including many hours of interviews with top scientists and experts who have urged Stein to take these startling conclusions to the public’s attention.

He’s appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, Coast-to-Coast AM, and numerous times on the Alex Jones show. A recent press release illustrates a few of the topics Matthew can speak to:

Floods, Fires and the Long Hot Summer: Author Matthew Stein Reveals prepping and survival tips for this summer’s extreme weather events

TRUCKEE, Calif. , Jul. 2, 2012 — This summer is getting off to a rough start with Colorado’s most deadly fire on record, record breaking heat and droughts throughout many western and central states with dozens of wildfires currently burning, plus record breaking severe storms and floods in several eastern states. People are wondering how they can cope with this horrendous heat during extended summer blackouts, and how to prepare or deal with potential wildfires and floods.

Stein offers Infowars readers a few suggestions on readiness and supplies:

What are some of the key items in your 72-hour survival kit ?

1. Field serviceable portable water filter
2. Hand crank and/or solar powered emergency AM/FM/Short wave radio
3. Headlamp
4. Colloidal silver generator
5. First-aid kit with 1 ½” wide roll of cloth adhesive first aid tape and ACE bandage
6. Backpack for evacuation by foot

Why should I have a family emergency plan and what kind of things should it cover?

Five key points in family emergency plan:

1. Store at least one 72-hour emergency “grab-and-go” survival kit in or near your home, and condensed versions in your cars.

2. Determine a local meeting place with a large open area, such as a park or school, where your household can gather if you are separated and do not have access to your home during emergencies.

3. Arrange for an out-of-state emergency contact to reach for coordination and communication. After an emergency, it may be easier to call long distance than locally, or your family may be separated and need an outside contact to communicate through.

4. Store your important papers in one easily accessible location, preferably in a waterproof and flameproof box (“My Life in a Box”) Store copies of key computer files, documents, pictures, etc. off site.

5. Make sure that all capable members of your family know how and where to shut off the water, gas, and electricity for your home in the event of an emergency.

More Survival Tips
The Rule of “3’s” quickly illustrates where to place your priorities in times of disaster! :

1. Three seconds without blood circulation, and you are knocked out.

2. Three minutes without breathing/air and you are knocked out.

3. Three hours without proper clothing or shelter in extreme weather and you risk hypothermia/hyperthermia.

4. Three days without water when physically active in hot weather and people start to die.

5. Most people can last at least three weeks without food.

Stein will be interviewed on the Infowars Nightly News broadcasting at 7pm CST on You can find more tips and preparedness advice by visiting his website at

Both of his books are sold at the Infowars Store. Links to his books and other preparedness items can be found below.

By Matthew Stein
When Disaster Strikes
When Technology Fails

Other Survivalist Supplies
KA 888 – Dynamo/Solar Powered Shortwave Radio
ProPur Water Filtration
Strategic Relocation: North American Guide To Safe Places
Alex Jones’ 4-Day On-The-Go Food Pack

Alex interviews Matthew Stein concerning self-reliance, sustainability, and surviving long emergencies (02-21-12).

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