November 26, 2012

Earlier today, Scottsdale Gun Club president Ron Kennedy went on Fox & Friends to discuss his club’s yearly tradition of allowing customers and members to take pictures with Santa…and machine guns.

“Well, it started three years ago. We had a customer, actually a member of ours in the gun club, that came in dressed as Santa Claus. Several of the other customers and members wanted to get their picture taken with him, so we decided to formalize it and put together a structured Santa-machine gun event,” Kennedy told Fox.

According to Kennedy, the club is proud that many of its customers have made the Santa-gun photos a yearly holiday tradition.

“What we’re trying to do is add a little bit of holiday spirit into people’s Second Amendment rights to be able to carry and purchase firearms,” Kennedy explained.

Not to be mistaken as being completely supportive of gun rights, anchor Gretchen Carlson asked how the gun club was handling criticism about the promotion of firearms following the shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords last year: “I know that there is a member of Congress in Arizona, a Democratic member who is sensitive to the Gabby Giffords shooting incident and thinks that maybe this is not the right image to portray. How would you respond back to that gentleman?”

Kennedy explained that, although the issue is a hot-button topic of which there are many detractors, the photos are completely voluntary and all safety precautions are reviewed prior to photography.

Rep. Steve Farley expressed anger at the integration of St. Nick and guns last year to the Associated Press, according to Raw Story: “To involve machine guns and Santa in a celebration in the birth of Jesus Christ is the worst kind of heresy I can imagine,” the Democratic lawmaker declared. “I would suggest that the people who created this read some of the New Testament.”

When asked if Santa is armed while being photographed, Kennedy replied, “Santa does not carry a firearm,” perhaps a wise move as co-host Brian Kilmeade noted it might “scare the reindeer.”

The New Civil Rights revealed that last year, the Scottsdale Gun club “allowed kids of any age to brandish an $80,000 firearm.”

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