CNN’s terrifying decision to threaten to personally destroy HanAssholeSolo, the person who created the epic WWE video President Trump tweeted out last week, CNN’s chilling move to go the full-Brownshirt against some nobody goofing on the Internet, does not surprise me at all.

What is a little shocking is how open the leftwing network was about its mafia tactics. A threat, an actual threat, a warning to others, right there in print! On CNN! [emphasis added]

CNN, a multi-billion dollar, mega-media corporation will be watching the behavior of a private citizen (all of us, really) and should this person (all of us, really) ever be discovered behaving in a way that this multi-billion dollar, mega-media corporation disapproves, this multi-billion dollar, mega-corporation will ruin this person’s life (all of our lives, really) — will reveal YOUR name, will see to it that you lose your job, are harassed out of your home, and whatever other horrors CNN’s fascist SJW Army can come up with.

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