Los Angeles Times
March 10, 2012

Joseph Kony has become newly infamous in the United States since a viral video focused on his crimes, spotlighting the notorious Ugandan militia leader for kidnapping children and forcing them to serve as soldiers.

In the controversial video, a father describes Kony to his son as a “bad guy” who must be stopped.

Who else is wanted by the International Criminal Court? Here are the other men on the list:

Ahmed Haroun

Haroun allegedly recruited and armed some of the notorious militias known as janjaweed in the Darfur region of Sudan while working at the Interior Ministry. The militias are known to have killed, raped and tortured civilians. Last year, Haroun was elected governor of the Sudanese state of South Kordofan in an election opponents said was rigged. Haroun has said he did nothing illegal in Darfur.

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