March 20, 2012

In an interesting blog post, James Firth discusses a comment from music industry analyst Mark Mulligan, quoted in a BBC story about the digital locker site Hotfile:

“If the service providers are serious about wanting to heed the industry’s concerns then instead of assuming that all of the content is legitimate until found otherwise, they should actually assume that most of the content is illegal and take action.

“Much of the content on these service is very high quality video files — how many consumers genuinely create large high definition videos of their own and upload them?”

Mulligan clarified his views in an update to Firth’s post:

Just to be clear I at no stage questioned anyone’s right to create digital content (I myself have a recording studio and create lots of my own music). My point was simply that the vast majority of us do not create feature length high definition videos and that the vast majority of the content on Hotfile is not UGC [user-generated content], rather unlicensed professional content. Just run a google advanced search on the hotfile domain and enter the name of any movie and you’ll find it there — normally multiple different versions.

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