Karen Kwiatkowski
LRC Blog
November 29, 2011

Bernanke/Geithner/big bank crime is again in the news, and we have Ron Paul to thank for his ceaseless efforts to expose the reality of 21st century central banking. It’s one more reason I’ll feel 110% safe and secure under a Ron Paul presidency. The rest of the presidential field will genuflect to the Fed, and everyone knows it. But there is good news emerging from the hoi polloi. Some good serfs just found out they were defrauded by shysters claiming to be selling government-mandated soap, detergent, and toilet paper. Poor innocent American homeowners were told that the federal government had changed its regulations, and unless homeowners purchased EPA, USDA, and FDA approved products, their private septic systems would be decertified by the federal government! When these homeowners dutifully asked where this requirement fit under the Constitution’s general welfare clause, they were told,”Isn’t it obvious?” Instead of: a) laughing out loud, b) chasing the shysters off with a shotgun, c) demanding to see the law in writing, and maybe a warrant, some elderly folks signed contracts for up to 70 years worth of toilet paper. Bad people and bad paper require good serfs. May we all strive, promise, remind ourselves daily, and try really hard to be the worst serfs ever!

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