Rob Dew
September 10, 2009

Today on the eve of the 8th anniversary of 9/11, Alex Jones Show guest Manny Badillo from the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) broke major news in the developments of New York City citizens’ redressing their grievances with the current investigation results of 911 attacks.

Manny Badillo of the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now.

The NY City Clerk reported that the city will accept the original petition signatures submitted on June 24 and will no longer dispute their validity.

CAN “went to the board of elections to see the referee (judge) and the city called us and said it conceded” Badillo said on Thursday.

Manny then went on to commend the different groups who are working together on the approaching 8th anniversary to get the word out, including: Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, We are Change, NYC CAN, Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen and his “20 Minutes with the President” letter.

On June 24th NYC CAN members submitted 52,000 signatures calling for a creation of a local, independent commission to investigate 9/11. On July 24th the City Clerk reported that only 26,003 signatures were valid leaving them 3,996 signatures short of the 30,000 needed to submit a referendum to the city council and to be included on the November 2009 general election ballot.

NYC CAN countered with a lawsuit filed on Thursday, August 27, that submitted a Bill of Particulars cataloging 7,166 additional signatures that NYC CAN contends should be deemed valid.

“The system is not set up to hear the will of the people” said Badillo, “it’s set up for the bureaucracy to continue.”

The next step for NYC CAN is to win an ongoing court case to determine a legality of their petition. From there it can be put on the ballots as a referendum in November 2009 election.

On September 9, Badillo announced that many of the 80,000 plus petition signers will march from Union Station to City Hall to show to the world that New Yorkers are demanding a new investigation into the events around 9/11/01.

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