Kurt Nimmo
January 11, 2010

The New York Federal Reserve, under the direction of current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, prohibited AIG from reporting that it was passing government bail-out funds directly to its buddies on Wall Street, most notably the criminal organization known as Goldman Sachs. More specifically, taxpayers were tapped (or their grand children were) to pay off bad gambling bets made by “counterparties” in the AIG derivatives casino. The mega-insurance corporation wanted banks to take 40 cents on the dollar against toxic CDOs (collateralized debt obligations). The banks turned to New York Fed mob boss Geithner who arranged an AIG sweetheart bailout with full knowledge the money would go to Goldman Sachs and the banksters to cover dollar-to-dollar protection of their gambling losses. Geithner did not report this to Securities and Exchange Commission on December 24. It was to be kept on the QT. In fact, before his confirmation hearings last year, Geithner was recused from matters dealing with specific companies and bailouts.

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on whether the Treasury Secretary can face criminal charges over his role in the AIG coverup.

Last week details of this criminal conspiracy were fed into the corporate media spin machine. But instead of immediately arresting Geithner for grand larceny and having him do the perp walk in an orange jumpsuit like a common bank robber, it was suggested he merely be fired and another bankster crony fill his spot at the Treasury.

In fact, so-called lawmakers (who do not read bills before passing laws) support Geithner. On Sunday, Obama announced his unwavering faith in the former New York Fed boss, Bilderberg, CFR, and Trilateral member. “Secretary Geithner enjoys the strong support of the Senate Democratic caucus,” declared Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (who is under fire for calling Obama a “Negro,” a crime of more importance to the corporate media than a gaggle of banksters stealing trillions of dollars). Democratic leaders including Representative Barney Frank and House and Senate Democratic aides all support the second-story man Geithner and his bankster bosses.

[efoods]Of course they do. Because they are all part of the master plan to bankrupt the nation and fork over the remains to the banksters and transnational corporations. The United States must be destroyed if the global elite are to realize their long-held plan to establish world government. Throwing in debt future generations of Americans while stripping the economic infrastructure out from under them is a sure-fire way to ensure they will become peons and slaves on the globalist plantation. “In 30-40 short years, America has gone from the strongest and most stable nation in the world, to one of the weakest and unstable. Poor Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and had a great fall, but few people will see the real truth that Humpty was actually pushed!” writes Patrick Wood.

Meanwhile, the plan is moving along splendidly for the banksters. In December, the labor force contracted by 661,000. “Realtytrac says defaults and repossessions have been running at over 300,000 a month since February. One million American families lost their homes in the fourth quarter. Moody’s Economy.com expects another 2.4m homes to go this year. Taken together, this looks awfully like Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath,” writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

It will be the Grapes of Wrath on steroids.

Republicans, naturally, are as supportive of this mass plundering as Democrats. “Conservatives agree that, as point person, you’ve failed. Liberals are growing in that consensus as well. Poll after poll shows the public has lost confidence in this president’s ability to handle the economy. For the sake of our jobs, will you step down from your post?” complained Republican Congressman Brady of Texas.

Actually, Geithner did not fail. He followed the script wonderfully. It’s just that word leaked out and now he may be obliged to fall on his sword and retire to the country club and spend his remaining days giving speeches at thousands of dollars a crack to his bankster buddies and their hired hands.

In a somewhat more perfect world, not only Geithner but the global elite behind him would be arrested and charged with perjury, theft, conspiracy to conceal a criminal act, and malfeasance.

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