Video about US-backed rebel atrocities sent to 76 million followers, campaign emails also hacked

Paul Joseph Watson
October 28, 2013

UPDATE: Did Google Collude With Obama Administration to Censor Video?

President Obama’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts – which have a combined audience of 76 million followers – were hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army and used to promote a link to a video which highlights how US-backed rebels are committing terror attacks in Syria.

The account was compromised less than a day after Obama’s presidential campaign website was also hacked by the SEA.

The Syrian Electronic Army confirmed to Infowars that they were behind the hack.

Perhaps to temporarily evade detection, the link to the video was tweeted out next to a non-descript message which read “Immigration is a bipartisan issue.”

On Obama’s Facebook page, the same link was sent out alongside the words, “Watch the weekly address on Obamacare.”

About an hour after the hack, SEA announced that they had also got access to the Obama Campaign’s emails, tweeting out a screenshot of the organization’s Gmail account.


The group said they were returning the favor for NSA spying.

When users click the link, they are redirected to the 24 minute video below which highlights a number of terror attacks and other atrocities committed by US-backed rebels.

The Syrian Electronic Army has been responsible for a number of increasingly high profile hacks this year, including one that targeted the US stock exchange.

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