Feburary 8, 2009

The BARIX Exstreamer 100 provides remote locations with your audio feed through internet connections. This example shows that being done with a wireless internet connection and terminated to a AUX port on radio. This typically would be used to provide audio to your transmitter, a PA system, a radio or any other location a full time computer can not be used.

Truth AM

Here you can also see that we have a transmitter in the area so you can hear the difference in delay when I switch to the BARIX. This can be adjusted to cancel echo out in the field.

The Barix will stream a number of stream types. Use the Instreamer from the source to feed up to 6 destinations.

This is currently how I feed remote transmitter locations across the state.
When the Barix powers up it will speak to you the IP Address to reach it with a browser on the LAN for set-up. There are MANY adjustments.

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