Press TV
September 26, 2011

Moslehi told IRNA on Sunday that the intervention of the Intelligence Ministry and the arrest of those cooperating with the BBC were aimed at preventing others from falling into the trap of the British spy agency.

The Iranian minister said that the arrests were made as quickly as possible and marked the beginning of the intelligence ministry’s involvement in this case. He warned that his ministry would act decisively and unrelentlessly.

“While claiming to be an independent media they try to use the support of the US and UK governments and international organizations to obstruct Iran [‘s path].”

Moslehi warned those planning to or cooperating with the“ anti-Iranian and counterrevolutionary organization” not to fall for its appearance or slogans.

On September 20, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry arrested members of an illegal network charged with feeding the UK information under the guise of working for the state-run BBC.

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