The BBC is once again being accused of acting as an apologist for Islamist terror after it reported on the suicide bombing near a music festival in Germany by a Syrian refugee by suggesting that the suicide bomber himself was a victim.

A 27-year-old Syrian migrant who had been refused asylum detonated a backpack bomb outside a bar in the south German town of Ansbach last night, killing himself and injuring 12 other people.

However, instead of reporting the incident as an act of terrorism committed by a Muslim, the BBC published the story under a bizarre headline that read, Syrian migrant dies in German blast, suggesting that the terrorist was the victim of a blast, not that he caused one.

Other leftist news outlets ran with similar headlines.

A meme quickly emerged on Twitter suggesting that the BBC would have reported the 9/11 attack under the headline 19 Muslim migrants murdered in plane crash at twin towers.

The BBC was also criticized for not reporting the Munich shooter’s full name after Friday’s deadly rampage.

Virtually every other media outlet reported that the culprit was Ali David Sonboly or David Ali Sonboly, but the BBC removed the name “Ali” from all of its reports.

During its coverage of the shooting, the BBC also obsessed about the incident’s link to Norwegian right-wing killer Anders Breivik, although the motivation for the shooting had nothing to do with Breivik and was in fact retaliation for Sonboly being bullied at school.

After the Nice truck attack, the corporation also focused on how some people in the city were being “cold” towards Muslims, implying that alleged examples of “Islamophobia” were on a par with Islamist terror.

As we reported last week, BBC Scotland also put out a tweet suggesting that calling terrorists “terrorists” or “Islamists” is politically incorrect and should be reconsidered.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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