The BBC is still recruiting job applicants based on skin color, despite the controversy over its hiring practices that erupted earlier this year.

A job advertisement posted on July 29 states, in no uncertain terms, that the “Creative Access” position is “only open to UK nationals from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority.”

Additionally, the website for Creative Access attempts to justify the racial discrimination by claiming that “media cannot reflect society, if society is not reflected in the media.”

In other words, the BBC wants to reflect racism in society rather than disavow it.

Just imagine the backlash if the mainstream media discovered a company hiring “whites only:” thousands of reporters would condemn the company until it goes completely under.

Of course the regressive media will claim “reverse racism” doesn’t exist due to “colonialism,” but no one living today was alive during the peak injustices of the European empires several centuries ago.

Moreover, the West did not have a monopoly on discrimination and abuse; just about every culture in society is guilty of oppressing others.

“There is nothing uniquely Western about colonialism,” Dinesh D’Souza once wrote. “My native country of India, for example, was ruled by the British for more than two centuries, and many of my fellow Indians are still smarting about that. What they often forget, however, is that before the British came, the Indians had been invaded and conquered by the Persians, the Afghans, Alexander the Great, the Mongols, the Arabs, and the Turks.”

“Depending on how you count, the British were preceded by at least six colonial powers that invaded and occupied India since ancient times. Indeed, ancient India was itself settled by the Aryan people, who came from the north and subjugated the dark-skinned indigenous people.”

And those who identify colonialism and empire only with the West either have no sense of history, he added.

“Shouldn’t the Arabs be paying reparations for their destruction of the Byzantine and Persian empires?” D’Souza continued. “Come to think of it, shouldn’t the Byzantine and Persian people be paying reparations to the descendants of the people they subjugated? And while we’re at it, shouldn’t the Muslims reimburse the Spaniards for their 700-year rule?”

The BBC’s racial hiring practices first made headlines back in May.

“Creative Access said the 2011 riots were the ‘tipping point’ for the organization’s creation, as ‘watching hours of white middle class commentators failing to explain the confusion and chaos on our streets offered little insight to the viewer; and embarrassment to the media industry,’” Breitbart reported. “Creative Access’ implication that non-white minorities have a better understanding of the riots – which generated looting, arson, the mass deployment of police, and resulted in the deaths of five people – would normally be described as inherently ‘racist.’”

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