Bedfordshire Police have been slammed online after creating a “right-wing extremism simulator” that links meeting people at the gym with far-right extremism and has the player murder a Muslim at the end.

The text-based “simulator”, called “Cross The Line”, was revealed to the public by Bedfordshire Police’s Twitter account over the weekend.

The simulator begins showing a mobile phone which gets a news alert referring to a trend of mass youth unemployment in the UK. The user is then shown a Twitter page and asks users what there is to do. The user ends up googling a mixed martial arts gym and meeting a person from a group called “Youth Action” – likely based on groups like the proscribed National Action group.

The first choice the player can make is whether or not to go out with members of the group. The story progresses the same way regardless if the player clicks yes or no. The first night out involves drinking down the pub and some amusing, yet harmless, text messages.

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