Kim Williams
February 5, 2010

We have a saying in Australia; it changes every election and is determined by whomever the public can remember creating less problems. It is irrelevant however as the average man can not understand a word the politician he votes for is saying. He does not complain however, he doesn’t want to look stupid so he votes for the man that “sounds like he has it right”.

australian parliament

We have the same problem America does, two parties, one direction, nobody pays attention. About two months ago, the current leader of labor (our version of the republican party) denounced the science of global warming and truthfully pointed out that the proposed tax would destroy what little is left of our industry. Suddenly just less than a week ago he began talking about how his version of the tax would save our planet and cost less than the liberal version (democrats).

Yes you read that correctly, he switched sides in plain view and a thick majority of the people that supported him for opposing this issue have no idea it has happened because they can not understand the half answers and double words politicians are using to speak to them in.

This happens every election cycle and we’ve all seen it happen in American politics too.

Nobody seems to pay attention to the things politicians say, or if they do they can’t make sense of it and just take a guess at their position on the issue instead.

[efoods]As I grew up I very quickly learned to understand this idiotic dialect the political elite insist on using as I was under the impression I could learn their strange language and help them to basically stop making so many obvious mistakes.

Shortly after the GST (general service tax) was imposed I understood the majority of them did these things on purpose. The bizarre language they use to answer your questions was designed specifically to avoid answering your questions.

Imagine if a man came into your home, attempts to shoot your children and steal your money in front of you. What would you do? Any sane man would try and stop him.

Now picture this; The Police sergeant shows you his badge, you let him in, he tells you “not to worry, this is official business” as his men waltz in and execute your children in another room. What do you do? Who do you turn to?

Finally imagine this scenario.

A law is passed which you hear about on the television. The pretext is irrelevant; the law makes food too expensive for you to buy and declares anybody that can not buy food for their children unfit to raise them. The law is passed to “tax the populace to create an orphanage for children that have parents that can’t afford enough food for them”. You meet him in the street and argue that the bill is insane, it creates the problem then solves it, he argues that you are just critical of the bill because you are trying to starve your children.

Shortly after the government men come to take your children but you are to malnourished to fight.

This nightmare scenario is enabled by our tolerance of that politician’s insane language. They would call it English, but it is not my language and it is not yours. I do not speak it and I will not foster any love nor even care for anyone that does. The language our enemies speak is unnamed but it is well known, there is a way to spot it but not to remove it from use.

He is not denying it but he is not confirming it. He takes no clear position by using a dialect of language devoid of any clarity, sense or meaning and by saying things you both know aren’t true.

But he and you both know what is going on.

You both know where he stands.

The solution to this problem lies in truth.

Truth is our shield against lies.

The truth is and always will be clear.

It sounds silly the first time you read it, but in a world where our enemies speak without saying anything it is fortunate to know that you can’t tell the truth without actually telling the truth.

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