Epoch Times | June 30, 2008

The Opening of the Beijing Olympics will occur in about 40 days. The Chinese Communist regime has deployed surface-to-air missiles in Beijing City to prevent an airborne terrorist attack on the Olympics.

According to a June 22 report from Hong Kong’s Sing Tao Daily, Beijing’s surface-to-air missiles were deployed only 300 meters across from the Olympic Sports Center. The venue is under military administration, surrounded by fences. In addition to the missiles, there are military vehicles and radar units. Soldiers and military police are also stationed there. Outside of the fences are ordinary roads.

The Global Times reported on June 24 that they are short-range surface-to-air missiles for low-altitude interception with a range of 12 km, and an average 80 to 90 percent success rate.

Hong Kong media quoted other sources saying, the security at the Olympic Village and stadiums is highly confidential. The official refused to disclose any details. The Central News Agency quoted a man who took a walk outside the fences saying that the missiles were deployed a few days ago.

In addition, a number of surface-to-air missiles were also deployed in Beijing’s Haidian Park, also surrounded by steel fences.

A military official attached to the Beijing Olympic Security Coordination Group told the Global Times reporter that for the security of the Olympics, they will use armed equipment like combat aircraft, helicopters, warships, surface to air missiles, radar, chemical defense equipment, etc. In addition, in competition events in the ocean, they will inspect the safety of the water using military diving teams and underwater sonar. The navy will also maintain its patrolling around the surrounding waters to prevent illegal vessels, floating debris, and frogmen from entering the competition area.

The Communist authorities claimed that after an unsuccessful attempt to explode a civilian aircraft using gasoline on a domestic flight this past March, they have prohibited ordinary airplanes from flying over Beijing City’s center.

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