The leader of the Islam Party in Belgium declined to shake the hands of women and refused to look them in the eye during a live television debate.

The party, which recently announced its goal was to create an “Islamic state” in Belgium, is headed up by Redouane Ahrouch.

During a debate on Belgium’s RTL-TVI, Ahrouch admitted he refused to shake hands with women on the panel and also refused to let the female make-up artist touch his face.

A clip from the debate shows Ahrouch refusing to look at the women while they ask him questions.

When pushed to explain why he refused to shake hands with the women, Ahrouch said, “there isn’t any law which obliges me to shake hands,” while also claiming that “shaking hands is an occidental habit.”

When female journalist Emmanuelle Praet asked Ahrouch why he refused to look at her and other female panelists, the Islam Party leader said he was “perfectly hearing them.”

Following the debate, Praet labeled Ahrouch’s behavior “shocking,” adding that she felt “humiliated” and “worthless.”

“He wasn’t playing any game,” said Praet, adding that the most disturbing thing about Ahrouch’s conduct was his “seriousness.”

Ahrouch was elected in Brussels’ notorious Molenbeek district six years ago. The area has become renowned for its population of Islamists and terrorists, including some of the culprits who carried out the Paris massacre.

Earlier this month, Ahrouch said the goal of the Islam Party was to create “a 100% Islamic state” along with the imposition of Sharia law and gender segregation on public transport.

The whole farce proves once again how Islam views women as second class citizens, underscoring how political Islam has no place in a modern western society.


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