The president of the Islam Party in Belgium, which sees as its ultimate goal the creation of a “100% Islamic state,” announced his plan to create gender segregated public transport under sharia law.

Abdelhay Bakkali Tahiri told RT that the party wants to create segregated zones for women on public transport in order to protect “vulnerable groups” like women and children.

In reality of course, the measure is a reflection of strict Muslim morality codes that treat women as second class citizens and require gender segregation. Some Islamic theologians have even issued fatwas (death warrants) against those who allow mixing of the sexes.

The party also wants to integrate Sharia law into the Belgian legislative system and mandate halal meat in all public schools in pursuit of a “100% Islamic state.” Some have called for the party to be banned.

As we reported yesterday, during a live television debate, the Islam Party’s founder Redouane Ahrouch refused to shake the hands of female participants or look them in the eye.

Following the debate, the women on the panel labeled Ahrouch’s behavior “shocking,” adding that they felt “humiliated” and “worthless.”

The Islam Party, which has its origins in Molenbeek, the notorious Brussels suburb that has been the home of numerous Islamic terrorists, already has two elected councilors and will participate in 28 municipalities in this year’s elections.

Illustrating how the far-left and Islamism are beginning to coalesce, UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has also called for gender segregation on public transport for virtually the same reasons.

Back in 2015, Corbyn said he would look at introducing women-only carriages on trains in order to “reduce harassment”.


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