Matthew Moore
September 2, 2009

Editor’s note: The following article was not posted to criticize gay people, rather it was posted to show how political correctness has permeated society and is now an accepted component of advertising and product promotion.

[efoods]The flavor formerly known as Chubby Hubby will be sold under the playful new name for the length of September.

Ben and Jerry’s has developed a reputation for social activism – and smart publicity stunts – since being founded by two former hippies in Burlington, Vermont in 1978.

The firm has striven to retain its freethinking reputation despite its 2000 sale to food giant Unilever, and earlier this year marked Barack Obama’s election as US president by renaming one of its nutty ice cream flavours “Yes Pecan”.

The state of Vermont’s decision to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples, which came into force on Tuesday, was deemed suitable grounds for another celebration.

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