Presidential candidate Ben Carson is calling for a formal declaration of war against the Islamic State.

“The United States should lead the immediate formation of – and provide substantial advisory, financial and military support to – a military coalition in the Middle East to wage war against ISIS. Such a regional coalition would consist of countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan,” Carson writes on his website.

“The United States should urge its allies and partners in the Middle East to engage in massive recruitment and training of Sunni Syrian men based in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and of Sunni Syrian male refugees in Jordan – to establish a military force to destroy ISIS and to establish a protection zone for the victims of the terrorist state,” he continues.

If enacted, Carson’s proposal will be destined for failure. Instead of eradicating IS, arming Syrian and Iraqi Sunnis will deepen the sectarian divide and lead to ethnic cleansing. Sunni jihadists supported by the very “moderate nations” Carson mentions have slaughtered Shias, while Shia death squads backed by Iran have targeted Sunnis. Meanwhile Kurds have engaged in ethnic cleansing against Arab and Turkmen populations in Syria.

Prior to the CIA empowering radical jihadists in Afghanistan and the US invasion of Iraq there was relative peace between ethnic groups in the Middle East.

“Until the 2003 U.S. invasion and occupation, Iraq had maintained a longstanding history of secularism and a strong national identity among its Arab population despite its sectarian differences,” writes Stephen Zunes. “Top analysts in the CIA and State Department, as well as large numbers of Middle East experts, warned that a U.S. invasion of Iraq could result in a violent ethnic and sectarian conflict.”

Carson’s proposal will not only to heighten the conflict in Syria and increase attacks on Shias, including the Alawite government of Bashar al-Assad, it will also increase the likelihood of attacks on Russian forces in the country. His call for “a refugee safe zone” in the “free” al-Hasakah Province will interrupt Russia’s attempt to target Islamic State convoys ferrying stolen oil.

Sending refugees to “liberated areas” in Syria will continue the effort to balkanize the country and minimize the rule of al-Assad. The Americans and the Israelis have pushed this plan since before the artificially induced Syrian “civil war” and the invasion of Iraq.

“There are three possible outcomes” for Syria, Henry Kissinger said in 2013. “An Assad victory. A Sunni victory. Or an outcome in which the various nationalities agree to co-exist together but in more or less autonomous regions, so that they can’t oppress each other.”

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