The federal courts are overreaching on their power to launch a “coup d’état against the executive branch and the Constitution,” says political commentator and actor Ben Stein.

Appearing on Fox’s Justice with Judge Jeanine on Sunday, Stein said that the leftist federal judges are blocking Trump’s travel restrictions because it would “make them big shots and big wheels in Seattle.”

“In Seattle, do you think anyone’s going to consider them big shots for being friends of Donald Trump? No F way,” Stein said. “They’re big shots if they put their thumb in Trump’s eye, and that’s what they did.”

“What the court did up there was clearly outrageous.”

The mainstream media is also using the courts as a tool to delegitimize Trump, Stein added.

“The media is the supreme power in America right now, and they’re trying to cut President Trump down to size, and they’re using the judiciary as one of their pawns,” he said. “The media is the unaccountable fourth branch of government. And they can just make up sources and have them go down in the history books as great journalists – they make things up.”

Although the MSM is still powerful, the alternative media broke through their information monopoly during the election cycle and exposed the MSM’s frequent dishonesty, Stein indicated.

“The question is: is the new social media going to be able to somehow outwit the mainstream media?” Stein asked. “It’s an open question because social media helped elect Mr. Trump but social media can be turned against him, too.”

Trump’s travel restrictions from terrorist-linked countries was initially put on hold by leftist Judge Robart of Seattle, who claimed that Trump’s executive order had “harmed residents of Minnesota and Washington”. A federal appeals court declined to overturn the suspension days later.

Trump told reporters Friday that he’s considering signing a “brand new order” on immigration.

“We’ll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country,” Trump said. “You’ll be seeing that sometime next week.”

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